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Today, the world is getting scarier by the second. Unforeseen circumstances that can alter one's entire reality. Without a heads up or a news update prior to a life changing event, how can one be prepared for the negative energies and evil doers who roam this earth?

How can we really prepare for the chaotic events that are meant to destroy us in this world?

Preparation in terms of mental, physical and spiritual are all key elements in the guide to fearing no evil. Certain situations are indeed inevitable with negative impacts on our positive perspectives of reality.

The truth…

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#1 Reset:

The real beauty of life is being able to do things differently, like altering a bad night with a wonderful morning. Everyone has the power to welcome and cast away all draining elements that can create an imbalance within your high vibrations. Similar to the common practice of repeating positive affirmations. Cultivating a mindset to help one reach their fullest potential, while creating a routinely practice tool to help do so.

One major component to maintaining inner peace is to know when to activate the reset button. It’s located in your mind, body and spirit. What’s most compelling about this…

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What makes you special?

Embracing unconventional ways to enhance your uniqueness.

The beauty of being out of the ordinary grants a particular type of perspective. The ideology of following your values and morals to stay true to yourself is one of the main particular factors in unconventional ways.

“There’s inspiration in the unknown and struggles are meant to provide growth and tools to learn what one has never known.”

Write down or create a mental note of qualities, beliefs and specific moral codes that are engraved within your identity. Choose which of those from your list that aren’t apart of societies norms. It may…


You arrive like a thief in the night. No warning or discoveries in sight. Serpent of the living, peace for the dead. Is suffering your only purpose, or is there a purpose behind the suffering? The world right now may never know. Until we find a cure for this shallow dark hole. I can’t stand cancer, I hate it. I wish it died and took all its like killer friends with it. Sicknesses unexplained, diseases with no names. What type of world is this? Where cancer can steal your friend, your brother, lover or mother? Who are you to steal…

Albrina Mendes

Creating beautiful “ Word Painting“ for the soul.

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